The City of Hopkins investigates complaints of situations that may involve a violation of City ordinances (i.e. exterior storage, working without a permit, too many animals, junk vehicles).

Submitting a Complaint

To report a complaint, visit the Inspections Department at City Hall, call 952-548-6320, or fill out the online complaint form.

When submitting a complaint, it's helpful to provide as much information as possible. This should include the exact street address of the problem, when you see it, and how the activity is a problem.


Complainant information is confidential and protected under the Minnesota Data Privacy Act. You are not required to leave your name or number. However, if you would like to be updated on the outcome of the inspection, you will need to do so.


Because City inspectors cannot go onto private property without either the owner's permission or a search warrant, if the activity is most easily visible from your property it helps if you give permission to the inspector to walk on your property to see the problem. This way they will be better able to require corrections and take legal action if need be.

Complaint Inspection Process

Read about the inspections process after submitting a complaint.