Depot Coffee House



The Depot is a renovated train depot in Hopkins, Minnesota that now serves as a coffee house, youth community project and trailhead for area bike trails. It
was planned and opened by area students and their allies in 1998 to create a chemically-free environment for teens.

The Depot also serves as an important asset to the community by providing students all over the West Metro an opportunity to create their own place to learn, relax, and have fun while directing both a coffee shop and an entertainment venue. 


Board of Directors

The Depot is unique in that its Board of Directors consists of high schoolers, providing students an opportunity to create their own place to learn, relax, and have fun while running a coffee shop and investing their efforts in the local community and economy. All of the Depot's profits go to support programs for teens.


The Depot Coffee House is available to rent for private parties and/or business meetings. To rent, visit the Depot Coffee House Website.

Depot Youth Foundation

The Depot Youth Foundation was established in 2012 to sustain the youth programs at the Depot Coffee House. The Foundation is a charitable non-profit registered as a 501(c)3 organization with the State of Minnesota and the IRS. For more information, visit the Depot Youth Foundation Page.

Mission Statement

To provide a place of community and learning in which student involvement and youth development are encouraged in a chemically-free environment.


View the Depot Coffee House and other facilities.