Performer Payment and Freight room rules

Get paid to perform in The Freight Room

By performing in The Freight Room, you have the chance to make up to $100. We provide up to 50, $3 off vouchers when artists book  their show at The Freight Room. Hand all vouchers out to family, friends, and fans for free and tell them to bring the voucher to pay the night's cover charge. Cover is $5 with the voucher versus $8 without it. After 15 fans pay with the vouchers, we pay $2 per voucher up to $100. It always helps to write your band name and date of the show on them. After the show, a check will arrive in the mail in a relatively timely fashion!

*NOTE* The door price to get in is $8 without a voucher from the artist / performer.

The fine print

Payment is dependent upon adherence to the following rules: 

  • Arrive on time! Please be here at least 20 minutes before your scheduled set (We’d prefer you check out the bands before and after your set to support your fellow local artists). Simply drive around the patio to the back of the building to load in/out.
  • Finish on time! Regardless of when you got your first song started, your set ends at either 6:40 p.m., 7:40 p.m., 8:40 p.m., or 9:40 p.m. Please be respectful to those who share the lineup with you.
  • Do not encourage moshing.
  • What the *bleep*? Explicit language should be kept to a minimum. Depot staff reserves the right to halt any performance it deems over the line and inappropriate. Promoting drugs/alcohol use or disrespect of any group (sexism, homophobia, racism, etc.) will not be tolerated and will 100% void payment.
  • The only people on the guest list are the immediate band member names you provided in your submission form. No roadies, fans, camera dudes or dudettes, etc. get in for free. Family/friends should be happy to support your music. Children under 5 are free.
  • Any stage performance enhancement (lighting, fog machines, etc.) must be run by the sound manager in advance of the performance. Do not throw items into the crowd and no liquids besides water on stage.
  • Do not encourage fans to come on stage as this impacts all equipment related to the show. Only those on the booking form will be allowed on stage.
  • The Freight Room is not responsible for any weather/electrical related cancellations or damage to equipment.
  • Cancelling your show with less than two weeks notice may affect future bookings. 

Please send ticket requests or questions along with your band name to the Freight Room Booking Manager, John Guertin.