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Council Member Appointment Application

  1. City of Hopkins Council Member Application

  2. (Including, but not limited to, previous board or commission participation, civic groups, language skills, experience/training working with diverse populations or cultures, etc.)

  3. For this appointment, I swear (or affirm) that this is my true name or the name by which I am generally known in the community. I also swear (or affirm) that:*

    *I am eligible to vote in Minnesota.
    *I am, or will be on assuming office, 21 years of age or more.
    *I will have maintained residence in Hopkins for at least 30 days before the appointment.
    *I meet any other qualifications for this office as prescribed by law.

  4. Important Notice to All Applicants

    Minnesota law requires that you be informed of the purpose and intended uses of the information you provide to the City during the application process. Any information about yourself that you provide during the application will be used to assess your qualifications. Although you are not legally required to supply information, if you do not supply the information requested, it may mean that your application is not considered. Your address, phone number, and email address are private data under Minnesota Law. Upon appointment, your address will become public data.

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