Administrative Citations

Administrative Citations are non-criminal tickets issued to individuals who do not correct violations of the City Code. (See City Code Section 355.)

Why "non-criminal"?

In the past criminal fines and penalties have been the most frequent enforcement mechanism. Unfortunately there are certain negative consequences for both the city and the accused.

  • The delay inherent in that system does not ensure prompt resolution.
  • Citizens resent being labeled as criminals for violations of administrative regulations.
  • The higher burden of proof and the potential of incarceration do not appear appropriate for most administrative violations.
  • The criminal process does not always regard city code violations as being important.

What are Administrative Citations issued for?

An Administrative Citation can be issued for any violation of the Hopkins City Code. In practice, citations are usually issued for property related violations such as:

  • exterior storage violations involving construction materials, tires, and miscellaneous junk
  • junk cars
  • rental of dwelling unit without a license

What are the Administrative Citation penalties?

The penalties vary according to the seriousness of the offense. Fines range from $50 to $500 per offense.

Who can issue citations?

The City Manager is authorized by City Code Section 350.02 to designate City employees who may issue citations. These include:

  • Fire Marshal
  • Parking Enforcement Officer
  • Housing Inspector
  • Mechanical Inspector
  • Police Services Liaison
  • Street Superintendent
  • Senior Engineering Technician
  • Building Official
  • Patrol Officer
  • Reserve Officer
  • Public Service Officer
  • City Clerk
  • Building Inspector
  • Weed Inspector
  • Zoning Administrator/Planner
  • Sanitation Officer
  • Fire Chief
  • Fire Inspector


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