Your Rights As A Member of the Public To Access Government Data

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act gives you, and all other members of the public, the right to see and have copies of public data that we keep. The law also controls how we keep government data and what we tell you when you ask to see the data that we have.

For more information, read "Your Rights To Access Government Data", intended to help you request information from the City of Hopkins. The City is committed to providing the public with access to government data.

  1. The City shall respond to a data request appropriately and promptly.
  2. If the City determines that the requested data are not public, it shall inform the requestor. The City shall cite the specific statutory section, temporary classification or specific provision of federal law that classifies the data as not public.
  3. If requested, the City shall explain the meaning of the data provided.

Submit a data practices request

Request for Public Data form (PDF)

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If you have any questions about your rights, please contact , who is the responsible authority, at 1010 1st St. S., or 952-548-6304.


  • Responsible Authority & Data Compliance Official
    Amy Domeier
    City Clerk
  • Data Practices Designees
    Ari Lenz
    Assistant City Manager
  • Gretchan Monahan
    Supports Serivces Manager
  • Pam Hove
    Recycling Coordinator

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