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Charter Commission

The Charter Commission is responsible for recommending changes to the City Charter. It consists of 11 members, recommended by the mayor and appointed by the District Court of Hennepin County. Commissioners are appointed for a four-year term. Members must be qualified voters in the city of Hopkins.


This Commission meets at least once annually. The Charter Commission last met on February 10, 2015.


  • Doug Datta
  • Carol Dunn
  • Andrew Fischer
  • James Folk
  • Jim Genellie
  • Butch Johnson
  • Scott Kerssen
  • Christa Meland
  • Diana Ringuette
  • Jim Shirley
  • Matthew Waters



  • 2017 Charter Commission Meeting
    Date to be determined


  • Staff Liaison
    City Clerk
    Amy Domeier
  • To contact members of the Charter Commission, write to Hopkins City Hall or


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