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Inspections Department

The Inspections Department is a division within the Community Services Department. Duties that fall under the Inspections Department include the following:

Building Inspections

The Building Code Inspection program inspects all new or remodeled buildings to ensure they meet state building code. This includes plan review, permit issuance, inspection of construction phases and issuance of certificate of occupancy.

Fire Inspections

The Fire Code Inspection program inspects existing buildings periodically to ensure they are maintained in accordance with the safety standards of the state fire code. A percentage of commercial and large multiple residential buildings are inspected yearly.

Mechanical and Plumbing Inspections

The Heating and Plumbing Code Inspection program inspects new and remodeled buildings for heating and plumbing compliance.

Property Maintenance Inspections

The Housing Inspection program inspects all existing buildings periodically to ensure they are maintained within the city housing code. Rental properties are inspected a minimum of once every three years and homes being sold are inspected as part of the truth-in-housing program.

Environmental Health Inspections

Environmental Health inspections are contracted out to a health inspector to make regular inspections of restaurants, food establishments and public pools.


  • Administrative Assistant

  • Building Official

  • See contact directory for more Inspections contacts.

**All-New 2015 Minnesota State Building Codes**

Effective January 24, Minnesota has adopted a new set of updated construction codes. More information about the new codes.

See also Significant Changes in the 2015 Minnesota Residential Code 

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