Free Home Fire Inspections

The Hopkins Fire Department is offering Hopkins residents in homes or apartments the opportunity to have a home fire inspection done at no cost.

A fire inspector will visit your home and identify fire hazards, answer questions, and provide you with a free fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide alarm, and smoke alarm. For older adults, the Fire Department will also complete a fall prevention inspection.

Hopkins Fire Department Grant Coordinator Jon Pritchard states this program is vital to the fire safety of the residents in Hopkins.

“We [Hopkins Fire Department] have witnessed some serious and concerning home fire safety issues over the past few years which have resulted in significant fire losses and even more close calls.”

Pritchard continues, “This home fire safety program will allow us to identify and help mitigate potential fire and household safety issues."

The program is completely free and does not include any fines, fees or solicitations and all information is confidential and left with the household to help make them safer from fire and household hazards.

home inspectionTo schedule your free inspection, call 952-548-6465 or email

No bills, fees, or donations will be solicited. It is completely free; inspections are paid for by the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Assistance to Firefighters Fire Prevention and Safety Grant.


  • To schedule your free inspection, call 952-548-6465.