Home Energy Squad Enhanced Visit

Rain BarrelNow available in Hopkins!

If you’re like many Hopkins residents, your heating system has worked extra hard during this record-setting Minnesota winter. Keeping up with cold weather heating demands can be costly, especially if your house has insufficient insulation and weatherproofing. Fortunately, a comprehensive Home Energy Squad Enhanced visit can start saving you money right away.
The Home Energy Squad Enhanced visit involves two energy consultants–an energy technician and energy counselor–who visit your home for about two hours. The energy technician looks at your insulation levels, does a blower door test to measure the home for air leaks, and safety checks your heating system and water heater. While the diagnostic tests are being conducted, the energy counselor accompanies you around your home to point out energy saving tips and install energy saving materials.

Rain Barrel

At the end of your visit, the energy consultants go over their recommendations for increased energy efficiency in your home and provide you with a Home Energy Report. To help accomplish recommended home improvement projects, the visit qualifies participants to receive low interest energy financing from the Center for Energy and Environment’s Lending Center. Participants are also given an approved contractor list* when insulation work is recommended.

Home Energy Squad Enhanced visits are brand-new in Hopkins as of January 2014. The City has partnered with the program to share the cost and the $120 visit is just $50 for Hopkins residents.

Hopkins City Council member and visit participant, Molly Cummings, says: “With our older housing stock in Hopkins, houses weren’t built with the same energy efficient features that they are today. To have a short and long term plan for saving energy is really valuable. The energy team is professional, hard working, and prompt. They were able to nail down where we had deficiencies, and provide resources for implementing energy savings. It’s a great program and I think everyone should do it* (see right-hand column).


  • Community Development Coordinator


Schedule A Visit

To schedule a visit please call Beth, Participant Services Coordinator at 612-335-5874.

For more information go to www.mncee.org/hes-hopkins. Visits are provided by CenterPoint Energy and Xcel Energy, in partnership with the Center for Energy and Environment and the City of Hopkins.

*To get on the approved list, a contractor must:

  1. Obtain an installer certification from the Building Performance Institute
  2. Have 10% of their work randomly checked to ensure that consistently high standards are met
  3. Correct any work that is found not to meet standards
  4. Offer a one year warranty to customers