Property Lines

If you need to locate your property lines, private property surveys can sometimes be found in the property files at City Hall. Copies of Half Sections and Plats are on file in Engineering at City Hall for a nominal fee.

Metal detector loan out program

The Hopkins Engineering Division offers residents of Hopkins the loan of a metal detector for locating property irons. Cost is $5. Use is normally limited to overnight. If longer use is required, please check with staff on availability.

Deposit required for loan of equipment:

  • Copy of a Minnesota ID
  • $100 check or cash deposit at time of request (will be returned)
  • $5 fee (will not be returned)

You can call the Engineering Division to reserve a metal detector, but be advised that during busy seasons, exact dates and times of returns are hard to determine.


  • City Hall
    1010 1st St S
    Hopkins, MN 55343
  • City Engineer


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