Compostable Bags Required For Yard Waste Collection

A state law effective since 2010 requires residents in Hopkins who bag their yard waste to put the yard waste out for pickup in compostable bags—either paper bags or compostable plastic bags. The state law affects residents in the metro counties.

Why the law?

Using paper and compostable plastic bags rather than traditional black plastic bags greatly reduces the amount of plastic sent to local composting facilities. Because local composters have less plastic to screen out of their finished compost, processing costs are reduced and the quality of the finished compost is enhanced.

Where can I get compostable bags?

Most home improvement, grocery, and hardware stores carry them.

Compostable plastic bags should clearly state that they meet ASTM D6400 standards for composting and that they are “compostable.” Bags marked “biodegradable” or “degradable” do not meet the state law.

The shelf life of compostable bags is approximately 1 to 3 years. Make sure to review the label for the product specific shelf life and purchase accordingly.

Can I still use non-compostable plastic bags for yard waste?

Hopkins yard waste pick-up service will not take the non-compostable plastic bags. You may still transport your yard waste in plastic bags to the drop off site, but you must dump the material out of the bag and take the bag with you.


  • Solid Waste Coordinator


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