Leaf & Yard Waste Pick Up

For residential garbage customers

Yard waste is defined as leaves with twig stems no longer than 4 inches, grass clippings, green pliable vines, and similar garden waste.

Free Yard Waste Pick-Up

Free fall leaf and yard waste bag pick up will be on your regular garbage day October 30 through November 16, weather permitting. You do not need to schedule this pick up.


Bellgrove, Hobby Acres, Park Ridge and Interlachen Park Residents:
There will not be free leaf and yard waste bag pick-up in these areas. The City provides free street leaf and yard waste pick-up in your area using front-end loaders and dump trucks. Pick-up in these areas will be November 6-9. Refer to schedule below for your neighborhood’s pick-up day:

Place leaves in loose, unbagged piles in the street along the curb line. Leaves should be placed on the street no later than 7 a.m. on your scheduled pick-up day and no earlier than the day before your scheduled pick-up day.

For 5th Avenue North, County Road 73, Minnetonka Mills Road, Oakridge Road and Blake Road Residents: Due to county restrictions and high traffic levels, residents will have free leaf and yard waste bag pick-up October 30 through November 16.

NOTE: The last week of all yard waste bag pick up will be November 13-16.

Yard waste pick up guidelines

  • leavesYard waste is collected on Thursdays. Residents must call Public Works at 952-939-1382 to request yard waste bag pickup by 2 p.m. on Wednesdays.
  • Every bag to be picked up must have a yard waste sticker affixed to it, facing the street or alley so it's visible to drivers.
  • Stickers are $3 each and may be purchased in person at City Hall or the Public Works building. To have stickers sent to you in the mail (minimum of 10) you can call 952-939-1382 and the cost will be placed on your utility bill.
  • Yard waste must be bagged. Maximum size bag is 55-gallon, weighing no more than 40 lbs. Yard Waste must be bagged in a compostable bag—either paper bags or compostable plastic bags.
  • Place yard waste at the normal refuse collection site at least four feet away from your refuse & recycling containers.
  • Items NOT accepted include: animal feces (please clean up after pets before raking your lawn), branches, woody vines, long twigs, stump grindings, sod waste and shrub clippings.
  • NO garden products such as melons, pumpkins, squash, potatoes, apples, and tomatoes, should be placed in yard waste bags. Place unused garden products such as these into your regular garbage container.


  • Solid Waste Coordinator

  • To order yard waste stickers, call:
    Public Works Secretary


Drop off site

Hopkins refuse customers can also drop off their brush and yard waste for free at the drop off site, open mid-spring through November.

Did you know?

The easiest and best way to handle grass clippings is to leave them on the lawn. Set your mower to a height of two to three inches. Mow frequently enough so that no more than one-third of the grass blade is removed at any mowing. This may mean that you will mow more frequently, but you will spend less time doing it. Not only will you save time mowing and bagging and save money by not buying yard waste bags and having them picked up, you will also have healthier grass.

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