Dedicate a Tree or Bench in
a Hopkins Park

benchAdd to the beauty of your favorite Hopkins park and honor a loved one simultaneously through the City’s memorial tree and bench program.

Tree Dedication

Choose a tree from our approved tree list and either a deed to commemorate your donation or a memorial stone placed near the tree. Memorial stones are light granite markers with your inscription, set into the earth (flush with the ground). The inscription may be up to three lines with 16 spaces per line. (Punctuation marks and spaces between words count as spaces.)

All trees will be planted between October and December as a part of the annual City fall tree planting program. Memorial trees have a five year replacement guarantee. If a tree should die within five years of its planting, please notify Public Works and it will be replaced during the next fall tree planting season. 

Bench Donation & Dedication

Is there a specific area in your favorite park where you’d like to honor a loved one by providing a park bench? Donate a memorial bench. Benches are 6’ long, forest green in color, with cast-aluminum legs and rubber-coated, slat-style seat and back. A permanent 4”x 6” plaque will be mounted to the back of the seat, with the bench sitting on a 4’ x 6’ concrete pad. The Parks Superintendent will assist in choosing the exact location of the bench.

Thank you!

Your gift is also a valuable contribution to the park system, recognized and appreciated by park users.



  • Streets & Parks Superintendent


Parks available for tree or bench donation:

NOTE: This program does not apply to Downtown Park, as all its benches have been dedicated and it is fully treed.

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