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The Hopkins Police Department consists of 30 licensed, full-time Peace Officers, and 14 dedicated support staff who are committed to working with residents and the business community to improve the quality of life in the community.

The Police Department is responsible for patrol, investigations, outreach and crime prevention in Hopkins. The department provides one investigator to the SW Hennepin Drug Task Force, a multi-jurisdictional unit that conducts investigations of illegal drug activity, and takes part in the SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) team, a five-city consortium that trains and responds to high-risk events. It is also part of the Joint Community Police Partnership.

police station buildingPolice Station

The Hopkins Police Station is located in City Hall at 1010 1st Street South. Directions to the Police Station.

Frequently asked questions

I've locked my keys in the car, can you help me?

Yes. The Hopkins Police Department will attempt to open your car when keys are locked inside, call load permitting. You will be asked to sign a waiver releasing the police department from any damage that may occur as a result of opening the door.

What is the noise ordinance in Hopkins?

How many dogs can I have? Is there a leash law? How long does a dog have to bark before I can complain?

See dogs.

Why doesn't the City tag cars instead of tow during a snow emergency?

During a snow emergency, City ordinance prohibits parking on any city street or city parking lot until plowed, to allow city snow plowing operations to occur. Issuing a citation and allowing the vehicle to remain would not permit the snowplows to adequately and safely clear the streets of snow. See snow emergencies.

How do I get an Order for Protection?

In Hennepin County, an Order for Protection is issued by the Hennepin County Family Court. There are strict requirements that must be met before an order is issued. For information call 612-348-5073.

In Hennepin County, a Harassment Restraining Order is issued by District Court. For information call 612-348-7959.

Isn't the street in front of my house for my parking only?

Unfortunately, no. Any person may legally park a vehicle on any City street, unless otherwise posted, for up to 24 continuous hours. This means that anyone can park on the street in front of your house for that period of time.

What time is curfew?

See curfew.

How do I report graffiti? How do I clean up graffiti?

Call the Hopkins Police Department to report graffiti. Hopkins City Code requires property owners to remove graffiti from structures or equipment. See graffiti removal tips.


  • Emergency Calls: 911
    Non-Emergency Calls
  • Records/Administration
  • Police Reports
  • Police Chief

  • Police Services Liaison

  • Community Outreach Liaison
    Julia Ross
  • School Resource Officer



Find out about recent awards received by the Hopkins Police Department and its members.


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