Minnehaha Creek


Keep the environment clean in Hopkins. Read the following for some helpful ideas.

Think Green TeamMeet the Green Team

Find out about the City's Green Team, and steps the City is taking to lessen its environmental impact.

Hopkins: Blue Star Award Winning Community

Hopkins, Grand Rapids, Blaine and St. Paul are the first four cities in Minnesota to have won the Blue Star Award. Blue Star Award-winning communities are those that are taking a leadership role in protecting Minnesota’s water resources and public health through excellence in stormwater management. For more about this program, go to Blue Star Award.

Parks & Trails

Enjoy the natural beauty of Hopkins by visiting one of the many parks and trails.

Water Quality

Read about Water Quality in Hopkins.

Mosquito Control

The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District (MMCD) provides a daily schedule of locations in the metro area that will undergo adult mosquito control. For more information or to view the schedule, go to www.mmcd.org.


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