Upcoming Blake Water Tank Maintenance

Water System Affected by City Water Storage Tank Maintenance

During the week of October 8, the City will have a tank maintenance company performing repairs on the 500,000 gallon Blake water tank to address an area of excessive steel plate corrosion.  In preparation, the City has taken this water storage tank temporarily out of service.  As a result, residents may experience varying water pressure or water discoloration as normal water movement in the pipes is disrupted slightly while the Blake elevated water storage is removed from the system.  While there may be noticeable water pressure or color variation, these are aesthetic changes only - water quality is not affected by this work.  Hopkins water remains safe to drink.  The quantity of water available to residents is not affected by this work as there is still 2.7 million gallons of water storage available and the City’s wells, filtration plant and pumps are also not affected by this work.

It is anticipated that the Blake water tank will be repaired and placed back in service by October 15.

 If you have questions or concerns, please contact Doug Anderson, Utility Superintendent at 952-548-6373.