Linking Policy

Web Site Link Policy (Policy 3-F)

The primary service of the City of Hopkins website is to provide information about the City's programs, services, and amenities.

While the primary service is to the City's residents, property owners and businesses, the City recognizes its responsibility to provide visitors to the site with accurate and current information about all aspects of the community. Providing users with information about educational, cultural and recreational activities in the community necessitates the need to provide links to other organizations and agencies. Access to these sites requires the user to leave the City's site. Links that require the user to leave the City's official site, are not owned, regularly reviewed or controlled by the City of Hopkins. The City does not endorse or recommend the viewpoints, material or products contained in third party websites, unless otherwise noted.

It is the City's policy to limit links only to

  • government sites, non-profit organizations or academic institution sites that provide information relevant to programs and services provided by the City of Hopkins.
  • human service organizations that receive direct financial support from the City.
  • the publication designated as the City's official newspaper.

The City will not provide links to external sites that

  • promote illegal activities.
  • market or sell products or services.
  • are political or religious in nature.
  • function as a public forum.
  • contain information violating the City's municipality's equal opportunity policies.

The City Manager or designee is authorized to order removal of links which

  • violate the adopted policy.
  • do not contain current information.


The City of Hopkins official website ( is intended to provide the general public a means of accessing information about programs and services provided by the City of Hopkins. Reasonable efforts are made to ensure the material is accurate and current. However, due to aspects of electronic communication that are beyond the City's control, the City of Hopkins does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on its website and the City is not liable for reliance on this information.

The City's website does provide links to other websites. The City does not warrant the reliability or the accuracy of the information provided by linked sites. The City does not endorse any content or viewpoints or material found in the liked sites and shall not be held liable for any losses causes by reliance on such information.


  • Assistant City Manager


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