Play Place


new format!

As of January 13, Play Place will no longer be a drop-in format. Reservations will be taken for small or large groups to use the space.  

Pavilion Play Place 

Reserve Play Place for your group to play. Ideal for children five and under. Kids can run and with play equipment provided by the Pavilion, including crawl tunnels, bounce houses, blocks and more! 

Adults must stay and supervise. 

Reserve your spot NOW!

Sign-up to have the place all to yourself or invite a group of friends. $25 for two hours of playtime. Call the Pavilion office at 952-548-6390 to schedule your session.


  • Now through February 27 (then check out Turf Tots!)
  • Monday through Friday
  • Sessions can be scheduled between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.


  • $25 for a two-hour session
  • Payment is due at time of event
  • The Pavilion accepts cash, check or credit. 

Once Play Place ends, join us for Turf Tots on the arena floor.

Turf Tots picture