Goal II - Urban Design: Do It Right

Hopkins has been recognized as a city that encourages smart urban design.  This includes development that is compact and walkable, maximizes land use and value, sustainable and equitable.  

Strategy 1: Improve Walking & Biking Infrastructure in the City

  • Implement the sidewalk and trail master plan and partner with other agencies to improve and update paths, trails, and crossing in the community, supporting “Complete Streets” initiatives

Strategy 2: Practice Environmental Responsibility

  • Set specific sustainability goals as identified through discussions between staff and City Council 
Two People on Bikes at Trail

Strategy 3: LRT Planning & Transit-Orientated Development

  • Complete the adoption of a new zoning code to conform with the City’s comprehensive plan.  
  • Partner with Hennepin County and SWLRT cities to maximize benefits and minimize disruption during construction
  • Work with Minnetonka and Hennepin County to implement the vision for the Shady Oak LRT Station
  • Work with all stakeholders to implement and build on recommendations of the Blake Road Corridor Plans
  • Continue to explore and promote sustainability initiates in our community
  • Implement the vision as described in Cultivate Hopkins, the City’s comprehensive plan
  • Continue to explore ways to strengthen the entire Mainstreet experience from 5th Avenue to Shady Oak Road