Hopkins Is A GreenStep City

The  City of Hopkins had the honor of being  recognized as a Minnesota GreenStep City and received a certificate honoring efforts to date at the League of  Minnesota Cities Conference on June 26, 2015 for continued participation in the Minnesota GreenStep Cities program.

Group holding certificate

Minnesota GreenStep Cities is a challenge, assistance, and recognition program. As one of 83 participating cities, the City of Hopkins is helping to lead the way in sustainably across the state of Minnesota. The City has worked hard to implement best practices in order to fulfill their sustainability goals. Actions that are taken within the program focus on cost savings, energy use reduction, and the encouragement of civic innovation.

How Hopkins Became a GreenStep City

To be recognized as a GreenStep City, Hopkins implemented 17 of the 28 best practices {BPs}, in such areas as: 

  • Building and lighting
  • Economic and community development
  • Environmental management
  • Land use
  • Transportation

There are 17 best practices, plus additional ones implemented since the initial recognition.

View the Minnesota GreenStep Cities Website.

Minnesota GreenStep Cities Website

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