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New Rental License Application


  1. 1. Property Information
  2. 2. Owner Information
  3. 3. Manager Information (or person responsible within 50 miles of rental property)
  • Property Information

    1. Please fill out one form per property

    2. Type of Rental


    3. Price

    4. Type of Rental

      Duplex/Double Bungalow - 1 unit rented

    5. Price

    6. Type of Rental

      Duplex/Double Bungalow - both units rented

    7. Price

    8. Type of Rental


    9. Price

    10. Type of Rental

      Single Family Home

    11. Price

    12. Type of Rental


    13. Price

    14. Number of Apartment Buildings ($75.00 per building)

    15. Apartment Rental License Fee

      The rental license for apartments is a base fee of $75 plus $10 per unit. Please enter the number of units, and then calculate the unit fee by multiplying that number times $10. (For example, if your building has 50 units, enter $500 for the unit fee.)

    16. Number of Units

      Base Fee

    17. Price

    18. Per Unit Fee

    19. Price