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Commercial Vehicle Enforcement for the Traffic Officer Registration Form

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    Commercial vehicle enforcement troopers and CVIs from the Minnesota State Patrol have developed this overview of common commercial motor vehicle (CMV) related items traffic enforcement personnel can check during routine stops. The specialty of CMV enforcement can be overwhelming to many traffic officers. This course focuses on CMV and driver items that may be checked without having to be certified to complete full inspections. The course provides traffic officers with a basic knowledge of CMV requirements so they may approach a CMV traffic stop with confidence. Officers considering becoming certified inspectors are encouraged to take this course first. Items covered include commercial driver license requirements, hours of service rules, registration requirements, commercial vehicle DWI, CMV crash reporting and post-crash inspection requirements, and more.

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    Date: Thursday, September 12th
    Time: 1200-1600
    Location: Hopkins Fire Department - 101 17th Avenue South, Hopkins
    Cost: FREE
    POST approved for 4 credits
    This is NOT an inspection certification course

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