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Regional Response Incident Command Course

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  2. Regional Response Advanced ICS Command Course

    The Regional Response Advisory Board will be hosting a Regional Response Advanced ICS Command Course throughout 2021. This block of instruction will cover incident command principles during a regional response and will involve a combination of lecture, discussion, and tabletop exercises.

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    All scheduled dates are full. If you wish to be notified of future dates, please email Sgt. Greg Pilon at

    Target Audience:
    Police - OIC to Chief
    Fire - Battalion Chief to Chief
    EMS - Supervisors to Chief and Medical Directors
    PSAP - Supervisors and Directors

    Hennepin County Emergency Management
    1600 Prairie Drive, Medina

    POST: Approved for 3 POST credits

    Contact: Sgt. Greg Pilon 952-548-6421 or

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    The above listed participants hereby waive and relinquish the Hennepin Police Chief’s Association, the Hennepin Fire Chief’s Association and Hennepin Emergency Medical Services as well as the event organizers of this event, from any liability related to physical or mental injury.

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