Homestead is a classification granted to properties that are owner-occupied, lowering taxes on that property.

The homestead classification is not automatic or transferred to you by the seller at the time of sale. You must apply for the homestead classification in your name after you purchase and move in.

Important Property Tax Homestead Notice

This will affect your property taxes and eligibility for Property Tax Refund

Who Qualifies?

Any property owner who is a Minnesota resident and occupies the property as their primary residence may apply for the homestead classification.

To be eligible you must own and occupy the property as your primary residence on January 2 or December 1, in order for taxes payable the following year to be classified as homestead. Application must be made no later than December 15.

State law also provides for the homestead classification to be extended to properties that are occupied by a qualifying relative of the owner. Special application is required and must be made in person by the owners and relative occupying the property. For more information on the relative homestead classification, contact the Assessor's office.

What Are the Benefits?

Homestead properties pay a lower property tax than non-homestead properties. In addition, only owners of homestead property are eligible for the State Property Tax Refund.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Locate your ownership documents. You would have received copies when you attended the closing for your property. Ownership documents consist of a deed (most likely a Warranty Deed) and copy of a Certificate of Real Estate Value. The deed can be identified by its name located in the upper left hand corner of the document. Other deeds that are common are Quit Claim, Contract for Deed, Trustee's Deed, and Personal Representative's Deed. Social Security numbers for all owners of the property are also required.
  2. Download and complete the Homestead Application (PDF)
  3. Submit the Homestead Application with a copy of your deed and Certificate of Real Estate Value via mail to:

    Hennepin County Assessor
    A-2103 Government Center
    300 South 6th Street
    Minneapolis, MN 55487

Applications may also be submitted online through Hennepin County online services.