Leaf & Yard Waste Pick-Up

Leaf and Yard Waste Pick-Up Will Resume in 2024

Leaf and yard waste pick-up services have concluded for the year. Services will resume in April 2024.

Yard Waste Pick-Up Guidelines

  • Yard waste is collected on Thursdays. Residents must call 952-939-1382 to request yard waste bag pickup by 2 p.m. on Wednesday or submit a request here.
  • Every bag must have a yard waste sticker affixed to it, facing the street or alley so it's visible to drivers.
  • Stickers are $3 each and may be purchased in person at City Hall or Public Works. To have stickers sent to you in the mail (minimum of 10) you can call 952-939-1382 and the cost will be placed on your utility bill.
  • Yard waste must be bagged. Maximum size bag is 55-gallon, weighing no more than 40 pounds. Yard Waste must be bagged in a compostable bag; either paper bags or BPI certified compostable plastic bags.
  • Place yard waste at the normal refuse collection site, at least four feet away from your refuse and recycling containers.
  • Items notaccepted include:
    • Animal feces (please clean up after pets before raking your lawn)
    • Branches
    • Long twigs
    • Stump grindings
    • Sod waste
    • Shrub clippings
    • Woody vines
  • No garden products such as melons, pumpkins, squash, potatoes, apples, and tomatoes, should be placed in yard waste bags. Place unused garden products such as these into your regular garbage container.