Starting or Cancelling Services for a Property

Purchasing Property

If you are purchasing a property, please fill out the Utility Billing Moving In Request Form before the date that you close on the property. You will need to request a water meter reading for the date you close on the property. We will need to know the name that you would like to appear on the account and the address where the bills should be sent.

We will also be able to let you know if the former owner has called to stop their service, and if there are any outstanding utility bill amounts owing on the property. If the former owner does not pay their final utility bill, it remains with the property and utility account. The new owner is responsible for all amounts owing on the account.

Selling Property

If you are selling a property, please fill out the Utility Billing Moving Out Request Form before the closing date. You will need to request a final water meter reading for the property. After the final water meter reading is taken, a final billing will be issued. We will also need to know the address where the final bill is to be sent.

Rental Property

If the property is or will be a rental property, the account must remain in the owner's name and the bills mailed to the owner's address. Owners are responsible to make sure all utility bills are paid and current. The owner is liable to the City for all bills accruing through the use of utility services whether used by the owner, renter/lessee, or other occupant.

About Certification of Delinquent Utility Charges to Be Collected With Property Taxes

Delinquent utility service charges left unpaid by current or former customers along with associated administrative fees, plus interest, may become a lien on the property served and be certified to Hennepin County to be collected with next year's property taxes.

Notices are mailed on or before July 1 each year for accounts with delinquent balances owing on charges billed through May 31 of the current year. If the delinquent balances are not cleared, the amounts are sent to the Assessing Department for certification to the property taxes. A list of delinquent accounts is published in the Sunday Sailor in mid-November.