Finding a Contractor

Every homeowner must know his/her own limitations and approach building projects accordingly. If you do not know building codes, it is often a good idea to work with a contractor.

License Requirement

Minnesota has a law requiring residential builders, remodelers, and roofers to be licensed as a means to help protect homeowners. Residential contractors are required to have a copy of their residential contractor license. Commercial contractors must provide proof of insurance and a City license when obtaining building permits.

Verify Your Contractor's License

You can verify if a contractor is licensed by calling the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry at 651-284-5065.

If your contractor asks you to obtain a permit for him or tells you that he can do the work cheaper because he is not licensed, he should be reported immediately to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.


Get Recommendations

If you are planning to hire a building contractor and are unsure of whom to hire, the following may be sources of recommendations:

  • Local lumberyards and building centers
  • Neighbors, friends, and relatives
  • Local builder associations

City employees are often asked to recommend contractors but for many reasons, some of them legal, they must regretfully refrain from this practice.

Get References

Don't hesitate to ask a contractor for references of building owners where he/she has previously performed work. Then contact the owner to determine if the work was satisfactory. If possible, try to view the work yourself.

Do a Background Check

You can also contact the Better Business Bureau or the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, which provides information regarding the status of licensing and any complaints where action has been finalized.