Selling Your Home

For Sale Sign

Truth-in-Housing Requirements Repealed

At the January 5, 2020, City Council meeting, the Hopkins City Council adopted and approved Ordinance 2020-1161, an Ordinance repealing Chapter 20 Article II of the Hopkins City Code regarding Truth-In-Housing. Truth-in-Housing  evaluations are no longer required to sell your home in Hopkins.

The official effective date of the ordinance is January 14, 2021. Please contact City Building Official Christopher Kearney at 952-548-6321 with any questions.

Cancelling Your Utilities

Once you’ve sold your home and are ready to move out, be sure to cancel your utilities (gas, telephone, electricity, etc.) by contacting each company that provides service to you.

To stop your water, garbage, and recycling services, call the City of Hopkins Utility Billing office at 952-548-6332 to schedule a final water meter reading. The City will finalize charges for all City services through the date of the final water meter reading and forward your final bill to your new address.

Contact the Assessor

If you sell your homesteaded property or change your primary residence, State law requires you to notify the City Assessor within 30 days. Fill out and submit the Notice of Move form (PDF).

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

This Truth in Housing Disclosure Report does not address the issue of lead-based paint and the potential hazards. The seller of the property is required by federal law to provide the buyer with a disclosure of information on lead-based paint hazards.